Blind Gossip Suggests Halle Berry Is Getting Divorced After Only 8 Months Of Marriage

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Halle Berry wearing no wedding ring at a post-Oscars party March 2014Feel like solving a celebrity mystery today? Any answer is fine, but just know that if you say no, our friendship is gonna be pretty complicated from here on out, because solving pop culture riddles is pretty much my favorite.

So yesterday afternoon, Blind Gossip posted an item predicting the end of a marriage between two celebrities. There are probably lots of little clues that I'm missing in the

  • Both referred to as gorgeous, with known tempers.
  • The wife is said to be ‘a great beauty and a talented actress'.
  • Their child is approaching a milestone birthday.
  • And the most interesting one — the wife has apparently been confiding in and leaning on one of her exes from a few years ago, with whom she had a ‘nasty and contentious' split.

Guys…doesn't this sound like Halle Berry? She's been married to Olivier Martinez since July 2013, and their son Maceo was born on October 5th, so he's approaching a milestone birthday — he'll be six months old on April 5th. As far as the male confidant, you'll notice they call him an ‘ex' but don't say ex-husband, which means it could easily be Gabriel Aubry, the male model with whom Halle has a five-year old daughter, Nahla.

But what about the temper part? That doesn't quite fit, right? OR DOES IT? Remember that time two Thanksgivings ago when Olivier and Gabriel got into a literal fistfight in Halle's driveway. A FISTFIGHT. So yeah, I'm thinking this all fits. And just like clockwork after we figured it out (and full disclosure, it was Jenni and not me who put the pieces together), Halle showed up at an Oscar event with no Olivier and no wedding ring!

Could just be a coincidence, but c'mon, look at that wave she's doing in the photo. It's almost like she wanted us to notice she doesn't have a ring on, and she's smart enough to know the PR implications of that. And regardless, Halle and Olivier haven't been pictured together since December 2013, and there are rumors all over the place that these two are arguing so non-stop that they're actually living separately.

“They have had some extremely vicious arguments, and every small thing is causing issues. Olivier thinks Halle is spending too much time working and trying to lose weight and not enough on their baby.”

But Blind Gossip says it's less about time apart and more about indiscriminate cheating — him on her, according to them — with everyone from singers to actresses to models to household staff.

Well that…really sucks, and I hope for her sake that it's not true. But also, don't you kind of feel like Sherlock Holmes now after maybe figuring it out? I know I do.

(Photo: Jason Kempin / Getty Images Entertainment)