When She’s Not Doing Shakespeare, Hailee Steinfeld Is Singing With Cee Lo Green

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When She s Not Doing Shakespeare  Hailee Steinfeld Is Singing With Cee Lo Green wenn5743705 640x960 jpgHailee Steinfeld is one of those young actresses who’s a tough nut to crack when it comes to predicting her career arc. Whereas Chloe Moretz plays superheroes and supernatural creatures (and, in Carrie, sort a mix of the two) and Dakota Fanning is going for tough, sexual young women, Hailee’s movie choices are all over the place. We met her as a fierce young girl in True Grit; now she’s following up that Oscar-nominated role by playing one of the titular lovers in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Oh, and she’ll also be starring in another very different classic, Ender’s Game.

And now add musical to the mix! It turns out Judd Apatow is teaming up with writer-director John Carney (Once) for Can A Song Save Your Life? It’s got a pretty impressive cast: Keira Knightley is Gretta, an aspiring singer-songwriter who moves to the big city with her boyfriend (Adam Levine) but quickly gets dumped when he’s offered a solo contract. Ready to crawl back home, she performs in an open mic where she encounters a disgraced record producer (Mark Ruffalo) who thinks he can turn things around for both of them.

A recent tweet from Hailee fills in more casting questions: She plays Mark Ruffalo’s estranged daughter, and according to her tweet, she gets to work with Cee Lo Green. ComingSoon.net reports that Cee Lo — half of Gnarls Barkley and judge on The Voice with Adam Levine, ironically — plays Troublegum, a successful hip-hop star.

Very excited to be working with @CeeLoGreen #CanASongSaveYourLife, Hailee tweeted, making us wonder if she’s doing her part to announce casting news or if she actually gets to sing with Troublegum. I’m kind of surprised that Judd Apatow is attached, considering this is the last line of the synopsis: Somewhere between friendship and their love of music, the two strangers strike a chord that captures the hearts of everyone around them, proving that every great story has its own soundtrack.

But then again, it seems like everyone’s full of surprises today.

Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com