David Cross And Amber Tamblyn Would Very Much Like Politicians To Stay Out Of Your Vagina

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Amber Tamblyn David Cross Gynotician Video

David Cross and Amber Tamblyn just released a video, starring themselves, about a patient and her gynotician. It's one of those videos that's funny because it's true. But also sad because it's true. Oh life! You are so very bittersweet. In case you're unsure what a gynotician does or says or is, I'll back up and start at the beginning.

Remember that time in Heaven when God handed you a vagina and sent you down to earth, through the birth canal and out into the hands of a doctor? I do, very vividly. But I've had a wonderful memory as well as a close and personal relationship with God.  Part of being in the vagina-havers club (which is currently outnumbering the Pen15 club) is dealing with politicians trying to regulate your body. To put it politely, they're obsessed with the part of us that starts at the uterus and ends at the urethra. Although don't mention those big words to them. They prefer calling it the easy-bake-oven and the she-who-must-not-be-named.

David and Amber have so aptly named these wonderful men gynoticians. Get it (Gynecologist – Ecologist + Politican – P.) In the sketch they've put together, they remind us how absolutley inane it is that gynoticians are allowed to make decisions for women. They also remind us why they're our favorite “ohhh, I forgot they were together” couple. Despite the age gap, they do seem to work well together. Not as well as David Cross worked with David Cross to create the Tobias Funke/Mrs. Featherbottom characters, but close.

So watch and enjoy seeing them together in this charmifying video (Charming – Ng + Horrifying – Horr).