Gwyneth Paltrow Vows To Destroy Vanity Fair, Aka She Can’t Stop Making This Worse

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Gwyneth Paltrow attending the goop summer season party May 2013 in LondonGwyneth Paltrow can't stop won't stop making this Vanity Fair controversy worse for herself, and I am loving every minute of it. Apparently the magazine has some kind of dirt on her that they're publishing as an exposé in an upcoming article, and Gwyneth is so hell-bent on getting them to pull the coverage that she's turning the whole situation into a complete cluster.

According to sources, Vanity Fair got wind of an affair that Gwyneth supposedly had with Elle MacPherson‘s husband Jeff Soffer back in 2008, and they're planning to print the details. Sure, okay. It's not ideal that a publication would put such negative allegations out there, but I feel like when you're a celebrity, that sort of thing happens all the time, right? You can have your people issue a statement or refuse to respond or whatever you want, but it's pretty common knowledge that going crazy with the denials tends to come back to bite you in the ass, either because it turns out to be true later and you're revealed as a liar, or because it makes you look like you have something to hide. Both of which only make people dig deeper into the story.

But even though I know that and I'm not even a celebrity, dear sweet Gwynnie must have been outside smoking her weekly cigarette when they went over that in PR School, because she is losing her mind trying to kill not only this story, but Vanity Fair altogether. According to a source who spoke to Radar Online:

“She wants the magazine’s reputation destroyed before they can even publish anything on her.”

She doesn't want to discredit the story, or the author…she wants to discredit THE MAGAZINE. A publication that's been around off-and-on in different forms since 1913, and revived in its current form in 1983. You're right, Gwyneth. That doesn't make you look desperate at all.

Apparently a lot of people thought that the story had been scrapped when it didn't appear in the most recent issue, and Gwyneth and her team ‘notably stepped up' their efforts to ensure that it had been pulled, including convincing George Clooney to bail on appearing on the cover of the magazine's Hollywood Issue. But according to an insider there's no way Vanity Fair dropping the story:

“It’s still going to run and it could possibly break online in the next two-three weeks. Too many resources have been plowed into it and too many bridges have been brined [sic] for it to be killed.”

That hasn't stopped Gwyneth from bringing an absurd amount of attention to it, though. She's basically standing in front of the magazine going, “Don't read this don't read this DON'T READ THIS!” Which might work in her brain, but in reality just brings me closer to the edge of my seat while I wait for the offending issue of Vanity Fair to be published. I'm not a big reader of theirs in general, but anything that gets Gwyneth Paltrow so haired up that she wants to kill them and scatter their bones is probably worth five of my dollars and fifteen minutes of my time.

Thanks for the tip, Gwyneth! You should threaten to kill things and scatter their bones more often — it's the most effective tease for a magazine article I've ever encountered.

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