Gwyneth Paltrow Has A Kind Of Awkward Reason For Keeping Her Oscar Gowns

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Gwyneth Paltrow Has a Kind of Awkward Reason for Keeping Her Oscar Gowns Gwyneth Paltrow 1999 Oscars jpg

Another day, another Gwyneth Paltrow quote that has me stroking an imaginary beard and wondering what the hell her deal is. This time, it’s about her choice to save every gown she’s ever worn to the Oscars. In theory there’s really nothing weird about that. It’s the reason she’s saving them that has me feeling a little “Ehhh, you sure about that, Gwynnie?”

That reason, as Gwyneth revealed to People, is that she wants her daughter Apple Martin, now 11, to wear them.

“What’s funny is I’ve been saving my gowns and special things since 12 years before she was born, so I have everything.”

That includes the iconic pink Ralph Lauren gown she wore to accept her Best Actress Oscar for Shakespeare in Love in 1999, which Gwyneth thinks would be perfect for Apple to wear to prom.

“Maybe she’ll wear it to prom and do a Pretty in Pink thing and resew it and cut it up,” she shared, before quickly adding, “I don’t know if I’d let her chop that one up.”

Let me preface this by saying that I’m not against moms — even famous ones — keeping things to give to their daughters. I’ve worn plenty of things belonging to my mom. I think it can be a really nice tradition. And goodness knows Gwyneth of all people probably has some awesome stuff to borrow.

But the dress she won her Oscar in? The one people all over the world recognize? The quintessential Gwyneth look? Maybe not the best choice for her daughter to wear to prom surrounded by peers who are very aware that she is Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter. It’s possible that Apple has already had to face teasing or embarrassment over being the child of Ms. Goopy (and for being named Apple, let’s be honest), so walking into a school dance literally dressed like her would probably be the height of awkwardness.

The only appropriate time I can think of for Apple to wear that gown is on Halloween. In fact, that would actually be amazing considering Apple already looks like Gwyneth’s clone. It would be the perfect costume, and a much more tongue-in-cheek way of utilizing such a famous hand-me-down.

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