Gwyneth Paltrow Is Already Dating A Glee Producer, So Guess Those Rumors Were True

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Gwyneth Paltrow shrugging smiling GIFRemember once upon a time when Vanity Fair was gonna run that expose on Gwyneth Paltrow and they didn't? Well I'm hoping they're regretting that decision, because Gwyneth just scooped them by going public with her new (and very scandalous) relationship.

We're all hanging on Gwyneth's every word and movement, so of course we all know that it's only been four months since she consciously uncoupled from Chris Martin, her husband of over ten years and father of her two kids, Apple and Moses. You'd think she might want to take some time to get over the relationship she'd been submerged in for over a decade, but nope! Apparently she's right back out there, and with one of the guys she was accused on cheating on Chris with, no less!

The guy's name is Brad Falchuk, and he's an executive producer for and co-creator of GleeGwynnie, I'm surprised at you! You should be able to cover your tracks better than that! She's appeared on five episodes of the show, with appearances dating all the way back to 2010. Girl! You gotta know this is gonna raise questions, particularly since Brad's wife Suzanne filed for divorce from him in March 2013. Kinda makes you wonder if things started further back than these two are admitting to. Especially since whoever's leaking the story of this relationship to UsWeekly is so insistent that ‘things started off professionally'. Uh huh.

They two of them were first spotted out for a ‘flirty' dinner in LA, and then went on a full-blown romantic vacation in Utah over the weekend of July 25th. Doesn't sound like a super new thing to me, but what do I know? WHAT AM I, VANITY FAIR??

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