Gwen Stefani Liked Miranda Lambert’s Tweet, What The Hell Is Going On Here?

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Gwen Stefani Liked Miranda Lambert s Tweet  What the Hell Is Going On Here  Gwen Stefani gif


Celebrities really are wonderful trolls, aren’t they? I’m beginning to think every single thing they do, from choosing to wear a certain pair of shoes to getting pregnant, is a calculated move to incite a reaction in us little people. Take, for instance, the current social media situation between Gwen Stefani and Miranda Lambert. No, I’m not talking about a Twitter feud. On the contrary, these two have been nothing but nice to each other on Twitter. And really, what’s that all about?

In case you missed it, Miranda recently followed Gwen on Twitter. Those on the light side of the Force chose to believe that it was a peace offering of some sort, a way of declaring that she feels no ill will against Gwen, even though she’s very publicly dating her ex-husband Blake Shelton. Those of us on the dark side, however, thought perhaps it was an accidental follow that took place while Miranda was keeping tabs on Gwen, as exes are wont to do.

Now E! News is reporting that Gwen has responded to Miranda’s follow, not with a follow back, but with a like on one of her tweets. And it’s a tweet about her grandmother, possibly the most wholesome thing anyone could tweet about, with a link to an Instagram photo.

People are obviously talking about this move from Gwen, with one fan apparently calling this a sign of the apocalypse. Either that, or it’s just Gwen having a little bit of fun toying with the public. I’m already of the opinion that Gwen and Blake’s romance is just a made-up ploy for Voice ratings, so I wouldn’t put it past her to do a little extra credit trolling on the side. I see you, Gwen.