Even Celebrity Parents Hate Their Kids Sometimes! (Brought To You By Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale)

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Gwen Stefani and family enjoy a day out at Disneyland, Florida

According to every magazine profile ever written, celebrities are just better parents than the rest of us. They never tire of watching Barney the dinosaur, they don't miss partying with their friends at all, and they even love changing diapers. But guess what? Celebrity parents are people, too. At least the ones I'd want to have a beer with, anyway.

Case in point: modern rock's first couple Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale were recently photographed taking their kids to Disneyland. For most of it, they looked so perfect they might have been mistaken for a Disney family themselves; the ageless pair made happy faces as they went on various rides with their cool and stylish kids, Zuma and Kingston. But even the most well-dressed of children have interests that differ from a healthy adult's, and Gwen and Gavin began to show fatigue later when watching a Christmas parade and listening to that fucking song play over and over and over. The paps even caught dad in a yawn:

Gwen Stefani and family enjoy a day out at Disneyland, Florida

Does this mean Gwen and Gavin hate their children? Of course not. But it's nice to see some evidence that not all celebrities come from a race of superhuman diaper fetishists, because I was starting to wonder what they were doing here on Earth, and what they were planning to do once they'd finished collecting poop. We can all sleep a little easier tonight knowing they are people, just like you and me. Or at least some of them are. (I've got my eye on you, Hilary Duff.)

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