Sadly, Guy Pearce Will Go Back To A Non-Action Role In Iron Man 3

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Guy Pearce Iron Man 3 Aldrich Killian Extremis LockoutI was hoping that after Guy Pearce did his best Hugh Jackman/Liev Schreiber impression in the so-bad-it's-good thriller Lockout that casting directors would be moved to slot him in more action roles. He killed it in that movie! His character Snow was easily the best part of it. But it sounds like Guy's next high-profile project, Iron Man 3, is placing him back into the more laidback roles that audiences are comfortable seeing him in.

According to Variety's Showblitz blog, Guy is in talks to play Aldrich Killian, a geneticist who creates a virus that's spread through nanotechnology. Iron Man 3 will borrow heavily from Warren Ellis‘ six-part Extremis miniseries, which follows the same plotline. Although it should be noted that in the comics (spoiler), our first introduction to Killian is when he kills himself after selling the Extremis technology to terrorists.

I feel like scientists — with the exception of Bruce Banner, of course — never really get any action-oriented roles, and are instead the cerebral core of the movie. And don't get me wrong, Guy Pearce is fantastic at playing someone whose dramatic thrust comes from the intellectual and social strategies he erects. (See: The Count of Monte Cristo, Memento, etc.) I haven't read Ellis' series, but I wouldn't be opposed to the screenwriters giving Killian a bigger role in the movie… maybe one that includes an explosion? Just a thought.

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