Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day: Guy Dances Out Of His Pants

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Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day  Guy Dances Out Of His Pants Man dances out of his pants on The Ellen Show jpgUgh, you guys. What a week. I hate it; I’ve been hunched over my desk all day refreshing various pages to stay updated on the ongoing investigation while still trying to come up with content as if it’s a regular work day. It’s been exhausting, and I’m sure that’s how a lot of people feel at the end of this week…just exhausted. And, since, as we all know, it isn’t over yet, I predict a lot more hunching and squinting in my future.

So what I need today, what I really need, is just a quick little chuckle to bring me out of this for a second. It doesn’t have to be anything too crazy, no full length feature films or anything, or high brow satire. All I want is just a stupid laugh — oh hey, a stupid laugh of the day! Do you guys want one of those things? Because I know I do. So I think I’ve found the perfect thing, but before I show you, I have to ask you, honestly — is there anything simpler and funnier than someone dancing out of their pants? I kind of think there isn’t, but if you do, you’re not gonna like the following video, and for that, I apologize.

But look! Look at that, because I’m obsessed with it! There is a man who danced OUT OF HIS PANTS on The Ellen Show. That’s exactly how dancing is made to be done, and no one knows that better than Ellen DeGeneres, who enjoys love and fun and dancing in all interations. So watch this, and love it, and enjoy it, and I’m sorry about this week. I hope it’s over soon. Love.