Gus Kenworthy And The Sochi Puppies Are Back To Burst Your Ovaries With Cuteness

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Gus Kenworthy puppy Sochi Olympics 2014Gus Kenworthy and the Sochi Puppies. That totally sounds like a band, doesn't it? Except it would have to be the cutest, most uplifting band ever, and with all Gus' skiing practice, they probably wouldn't have much time to make any actual music.

As you may remember, Gus is that slope style skier who was so touched by the plight of the stray dogs in Sochi, when he was there for the Olympics last month. To be fair, we were all touched by that, even us here at Crushable with our cold, snarky hearts, it just didn't seem like there was much we could do about it. But Gus didn't have our defeatist attitudes, and he was determined to adopt some dogs and bring them home to the U.S. where they could get the homes and the care that they need. He also brought home a silver medal in his sport, but WHATEVER.

Gus figured that if he was serious about getting the dogs back, someone would probably need to stay with them for a few days even after the Olympics ended, so he enlisted a photographer friend of his named Robin McDonald to do so. Except, as it turns out, Robin had to be in Russia for almost an extra month, because the Russian government kept throwing up roadblocks. But now they're here! They're here they're here they're finally here! And Gus, Robin, and three of the dogs went on TODAY to celebrate. And to challenge your ovaries, so I advise you to hold onto something.

 THE PUPS. I love them so much, and both these guys for making the effort to get them here. Sadly, though, for all of Robin and Gus' hard work, two of the puppies were so malnourished and sick that they didn't make it. They died while still in Russia because the process was taking too long.

Ugh. So sad. But the rest of the team — Mama, Jake, Rosa, Mishka, and Stryder — made it here, and started their life in America by being amazing and not peeing in anybody's lap, even though they're not potty trained.

Love this story so much! Big ups to Gus, Robin, and Humane Society International for doing a really great (and adorable) thing.