A GIF Guide To My TV Guilty Pleasures

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Honey Boo Boo

It's no secret that I love TV, which is why the last seven months of my life have been hell. I moved to New York City in May, and since living in my NYC apartment, I haven't had a TV. It's a huge struggle to keep up with every.single.show I watch, but I still do it.

Once I found out I wouldn't be having a TV or cable, I didn't just say, “Oh well I guess I'll only keep up with my big shows like Dexter and Modern Family.” No,no,no.

I have kept up with everything. And that includes my guiltiest TV pleasures. Yes, it's a pain to remember all of the shows that come on and then have to find them all on Hulu the next day, but I see that as passion. Olympians train for their sport all day, every day through training and eating healthy, and my sport is TV….and here's what I watch on my ‘cheat day.'

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo



Let's just get this one out of the way. It's everybody's guilty pleasure, and that's totally okay. I love this family way more than I love the Kardashians. And I seriously can not get over how they don't make Mama June redo her interviews when she coughs or sneezes a million times during them. I guess that's just the charm of the show…that and glitzy pig.

Hart of Dixie

Hart-of-Dixie Gif


Marry me, Wade Kinsella. This show has gotten predictable, and I don't think it's ever been called a ”good” show. But it has captivated me. I have always loved Rachel Bilson and how stylish she ALWAYS seems to look, and I am a sucker for a good love triangle, which the show totally has (I'm pretty sure there's several of them). Also, a few episodes back we saw Wade in a suit, and that's basically all I need to keep me committed until the series finale.


catfish gif


I honestly wish there was a new episode of this on every single day. I cannot get enough. There have only been a few episodes, but the format is pretty much the same for each one. Somebody writes to the Catfish guys asking if they can help figure out if the person they have been online dating for x amount of years is real….I.do.not.get how these people can ‘date' online for ten years and not GOOGLE EACH OTHER. I guess that's what makes the show so good, because it's super shocking when the Catfish guys start investigating the person (by doing normal seaches online) and we find out they are lying about themselves. I'm shocked every time probably because I don't know how these people get into these situations. I Google EVERYONE…the guy at the deli, the person who held the door open for me, my mailman. Seriously. Everyone.

Gossip Girl

GossipGirl Gif


 These two were the only reason I kept watching the show. Their chemistry was undeniable, and I had to see them make it work. I also had to see the amazing fashions and Blake Lively‘s perfect hair. I can't tell you how many times I looked up “Serena Hair Tutorial” after an episode of Gossip Girl only to end my night with a bunch of curling iron burns and frazzled Non-van der Woodsen hair. R.I.P Gossip Girl.

Storage Wars

Storagewars Gif


Old men and I like the same show. Sue me. I have to keep watching to see if they struck gold! Or if they spent about $3,000 on a storage locker (that's pro-speak for ‘storage unit') only to find a bunch of mothballs and an old rag. Better luck next time, suckers (and I'll definitely be tuning in whenever that ‘next time' is).

Dance Moms

dancemoms gif


The new season premieres in January, and I am more than ready. I have been going through Dance Moms withdrawals. Maybe this isn't an intellectual show like Newsroom, but do I really want to be using my brain on a Tuesday night when I get home from work? No. I want to curl up with a glass of wine and watch a bunch of middle-aged, fake blonde ladies argue over nine-year-old girls.


Glee Gif


There once was a time when I wouldn't have been ashamed to say I liked Glee, but that was years ago before they did a PSA about texting and driving or sang Gangnam Style.” Now it's a guilty pleasure because I love/hate watching it, and I can't stop. Even though i think there are too many new characters and that their portrayal of NYC is unrealistic, I can't look away, especially since the Warblers are back. Ugh. I hate myself.

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