Open Thread: What’s Your Guiltiest Guilty TV Pleasure?

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Watching TV on the couch

Hello and happy Friday! We're so excited that you're joining us for our 2nd ever open thread. Last week we talked about the TV shows that everyone should be forced to watch and this week we're talking about the shows you would never admit to anyone that you watch. Like the shows that you turn off immediately when someone else walks in the room.

For example, I'll go first. This week I came home from work and watched Wife Swap. It gets worse. I'd already seen the episode before. But there's just something about that show that hooks me. And I can't tell you what it is because the entire premise is asinine. “Let's pair up two opposite families and see how much havoc they can wreck in each other's lives for ten days. I mean how much they can teach each other about different parenting styles. No scratch that, I did mean the havoc thing.”

So now you go! Tell us which horrible TV shows you won't admit to anyone that you watch. There's honestly nothing more embarrassing than choosing to watch a Wife Swap rerun, so really feel free to get honest here. In fact, I demand you be honest. After all, if you watch it, there's a good chance that another Crushable reader watches it too. Which will make you feel a whole lot less alone in your weird TV habits. Or I guess I'm just hoping that's how I'll feel when someone steps up and also admits to enjoying Wife Swap.

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