An Ever-Growing Guide to All the Men in Hollywood Whose #Time’sUp

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In the months since Harvey Weinstein was outed as an alleged serial sexual harasser and rapist there has been a ripple effect through Hollywood. With the growth of the #MeToo movement encouraging women to tell their stories, there has been no lack of names on the list of men accused of horrible things. Weinstein's outing was the tipping point in a long, tragic history of sexual abuse and gender-based violence in Hollywood. And it was the moment where women finally said time's up, men.

The “Weinstein Effect,” as it's been dubbed, has led to so many famous men being named as harassers and abusers. It's hard to keep track day to day on who has been accused, of what, and by how many people. So here is your handy guide to all the alleged garbage men in Hollywood. The ones who have abused their power and abused women, and deserve to be named!