Guessing Game: What Young Brunette Actress Did Coke On Camera?

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Guessing Game  What Young Brunette Actress Did Coke on Camera  blinditem jpgRadar Online has a blind item post up today about a young brunette starlet who was caught doing cocaine. Here’s the item:

In the clip, a young brunette wearing a pink tank top and a black and white cardigan is seen sitting at a table lined with mounds of cocaine and rolled up $100 bills used for snorting.

Also appearing in the footage with her is a blonde girl and two young men, who at one point joke about using a one dollar bill rather than a hundred to snort a line.

“Look how f***ing high I am…I’m going to snort out of a f***ing one!” one of the anonymous guys said.

This is some pretty tantalizing stuff… but who do we think the starlet is? A couple of guesses:

  • Demi Lovato – The young Disney starlet has already gone to rehab to deal with her addiction issues. Depending when this footage was shot, it could be her.
  • Lea Michele – The Radar item says that more than one celebrity is in the video, so perhaps she and a few of her Glee costars got wild and crazy one night. And we all know how much Rachel Berry loves her cardigans.
  • Vanessa Hudgens – She’s back in the news with more naked photos of herself, and she’s losing the tabloid war against ex Zac Efron. Is coke the explanation behind her recent erratic behavior?
  • Megan Fox – She’s young and brunette, but there have never been drug rumors about her. This could be a huge scoop if it was her – and if she was hanging out with someone other than husband Brian Austin Green.
  • Selena Gomez – Her BFF Demi Lovato has dealt with addiction issues, but imagine the fallout if Justin Beiber‘s maybe-girlfriend was caught doing drugs. The world might explode.