Crushable 25: Guess Which Jonas Brother’s Career Matches with Which *NSYNC Member

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“The Jonas Brothers” hardly describes a teen sensation musical group anymore; at this point, Nick, Joe, and Kevin have all moved on to solo projects. In order to try and predict their success rates, we've matched them up with specific members of another boy band whose members split but went on to a bevy of projects: *NSYNC. To further prove our points, we've merged each member with his career doppelganger, for you to guess. Enjoy!


Nick shares a lot in common with this *NSYNC alum: Both are the most recognizable members of their groups, began their performing careers when they were wee lads (on Broadway and on The Mickey Mouse Club), and have played thinly veiled versions of themselves in movies and on TV. You might say that Nick was… justified in starting Nick Jonas & the Administration. Just put the kid on SNL and he'll be a perfect match for… Justin Timberlake!


The resemblance between Joe and this *NSYNC alum is actually uncanny, with the dark hair and eyes they share. Both have ties to dance, with Joe donning a black unitard to imitate Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies” video and his doppelganger serving as a judge on America's Best Dance Crew. Joe's had more acting experience thanks to Camp Rock and guest roles on shows like Hot in Cleveland, but his older self has made guest appearances on songs by artists like the Backstreet Boys, David Archuleta, and Santana. I give you… JC Chasez!


Like this former *NSYNC member, Kevin seems to have moved away from music for the moment. Both are married — the eldest JoBro got hitched in 2009 — and seem to enjoy the calm of domestic life. That said, they've stayed in the pop-culture zeitgeist wth TV appearances. Both have been on MTV recently in non-musical contexts: Kevin reminisced in an episode of When I Was 17, whereas his lookalike showed MTV around his house on Cribs. So who's Kevin's career lookalike? If you're a Dancing with the Stars fan, you'll recognize season 4 runner-up… Joey Fatone!