19 Ways that Grey’s Anatomy has Become a Huge Disappointment

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When Grey’s Anatomy came onto the pop culture scene in 2005, the hospital drama seemed like the most unique, coolest TV show ever. It was fresh, funny, smart, romantic, and most of all, pretty thrilling to watch. We never knew what was coming next, whether we were waiting to see what would happen in Meredith and Derek’s love story or what crazy thing would happen at the hospital.

These days, we don’t quite feel that way anymore, and as much as we love Shonda Rhimes, we have to admit that we’re kind of disappointed with what this show has become. Sometimes that just happens since it’s rare to watch a show for this many seasons (we’re on number 14) without getting bored or annoyed. In the case of Grey’s Anatomy, however, we have to say that there a few times where it has gone completely off the rails. Check out the gallery to see the 19 ways that Grey’s Anatomy has become a huge disappointment.