Greg Daniels Finally Putting The Office Out Of Its Misery Because All Its Actors Are Fleeing

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If you, like me, have watched the last few seasons of The Office wondering how much crappier your once favorite show is going to get before someone has the empathy to take it out behind the woodshed, here's your vindication. Creator Greg Daniels has just announced that the next season of The Office will be the last, but not because it sucks or anything.

“We thought about what the future of the show should be,” he told reporters earlier today. “This feels like the last chance to really go out together.” According to Vulture, he cited “the changes planned this season” (?) and the fact that “it didn't seem to me we could get” all the cast members to come back as reasons why it's going off the air. In response to a question about NBC's role in the decision (i.e. did they cancel it?) he said this:

“We're not leaving for any reasons other than the ones I've described. The show is healthy and valued at NBC. I'm actually a little surprised how supportive they've been.”

If you think that show is healthy, you should probably check and see if you're the doctor from 30 Rock. Regardless, I'm glad that Mindy Kaling and friends forced his hand in the matter, because it was getting painful.

I am, however, still naiively hopeful that the ninth season will see one last push to make the show entertaining again. There's a small chance Steve Carrell will return (they are pushing for it!), and these plot points sound at least somewhat amusing:

“David Wallace sent Andy to Outward Bound training over the summer to make him more decisive and confident, and he decides while eating bugs on solo to aggressively go after Nellie and hound her out of the office … Jake Lacy and Clark Duke will play two guys in their twenties, Pete and Clark,  who are hired to go through the back log of over 4,000 unanswered customer complaints that Kelly leaves behind when she leaves … We're going to find out who the Scranton Strangler is … We are tabling a Halloween episode this week, and breaking the Christmas episode now.”

A girl can dream.

(Via Vulture)

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