18 Amazing Movies That Were Ruined By Terrible Endings

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Picture the scene: you've spent the last hour-and-a-bit watching a movie that seems to be pretty darn amazing. You're excited to see what the ending has in store – you've got high hopes based on the quality of the rest of the flick. The last few minutes roll around… And the end result is atrocious. The film's conclusion is so dreadful that it spoils your enjoyment of the rest of the action. The writers had to go and ruin it, didn't they?

Unfortunately, this kind of viewing experience is all too common in the world of film. Otherwise amazing movies are frequently ruined by terrible endings. Sometimes it's clear that the writers simply ran out of ideas. In other cases, they went with a twist that turned out to be more frustrating than impressive. Here are just a few top-notch films that were totally ruined by an unexpectedly terrible ending. Watching them will only result in disappointment.