The New Great Gatsby Trailer Just Gave Me Angina

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The New Great Gatsby Trailer Just Gave Me Angina Great Gatsby Leonardo DiCaprio Movie Poster jpg

While the first trailer for the highly anticipated Great Gatsby movie thrilled me, this  new one just gave me major angina. What happened to the charming book that I read so willingly in my eleventh grade English class? Why do I now feel panicked, stressed and in the need of a good defense attorney?

Between the music and the editing and the sight of Leonardo DiCaprio in 1920’s garb, I’m starting to think that movie may not be the murderous rom-com adventure that I remember.  Maybe I’m reading too much into one of the scenes we just saw, but I think it might actually be a crossover between The Fast and the Furious and Titanic and a generic drug deal gone bad. Not only do cars whiz by at high speeds, but the ill-fated love affair looks even more ill-fated than ever.

Will there be enough room for Gatsby on the board this time? Or is he doomed to once again give it all up for a selfish woman?

We won’t find out until May 10, 2013. Until then we can only pray that our collective doctors give us enough anti-anxiety meds to make it through another trailer. Oh we can also start making bets on how many flappers we’ll see out during Halloween 2013. I predict 14 at any given party.