We’re Now One The Great Gatsby Trailer Away From Seeing The Entire Movie

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We re Now One The Great Gatsby Trailer Away From Seeing The Entire Movie Great Gatsby Movie Poster Full Cast jpg

In a completely unorthodox move that has traditional moviemakers completely baffled, the people behind The Great Gatsby continue on with their plan to release the entire movie via movie trailer. The twist, of course being, that you eventually have to go see the movie in theaters to figure out what order everything goes in. I must know when Tobey Maguire makes that concerned face. Or when Leonardo DiCaprio admits to Carey Mulligan that he’s a foster child who got taken in by a suburban psychologist and his family. It’s like a game. And a pretty good one at that. I mean, everyone who took an English class in high school already knows the story. It’s your classic boy meets girl “if you’re a bird, I’m a bird” love story. Plus some vehicular manslaughter. Which to be honest is what I think is always missing from rom-coms these days. I’m always walking out of the theater, throwing my popcorn in the air and yelling “where’s the dead girl!?!”

Considering that everyone knows the plot, it doesn’t really make sense to pretend otherwise. Which is why we’ve seen approximately 441 trailers for this movie. Every day it’s a new cut, a new teaser, a new extended look at a scene we’ve seen from a different angle. While it may have been a dream, I do kinda recall one of the earlier trailers being being narrated by Morgan Freeman, in Pig Latin. The entire thing looked like it was edited with Instagram and a Hoku song played in the background.

Today’s trailer is a very special 90-second extended TV spot. “Wait a second!” I can you muttering under your breath, unaware you’re speaking aloud, “this is the internet, not a TV!” Welcome to 2013 where you can watch TV trailers on the motherfucking internet. It’s a bold new world we’re living in and frankly I can’t get enough. So check out this new trailer and prepare yourself for the next one. It could come out today, it could come out tomorrow or hell, it could even come out after the movie premieres on May 10th. Who knows what these zany Great Gatsby producers will up next?

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