Prada Unveils Sketches Of The Great Gatsby Costumes, And They’re Mighty Fine

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Great Gatsby dress 2I can't decide how I feel about the upcoming movie version of The Great Gatsby, you guys. On the one hand, I really liked the book (which is super original of me because…so did everyone else), and I was even excited for the movie, but I've been hearing that it won't be so great. First of all, the second trailer plays like a scene from The Fast And The Gatsby: Tokyo Drift. All the close-ups on speeding cars, which you know in 1922 were going like…maybe twenty miles per hour. How thrilling for a modern-day audience! Also it's been pointed out that the release date was specifically moved from Christmas of 2012, right in the thick of Oscar-season, to Summer 2013, right in the thick of anonymity. That can't bode well. I'm predicting that Leonard DiCaprio will get an Oscar-nomination anyway, because he doesn't have one of those naked golden statues yet, and sooner or later the Academy is just gonna throw him a gimme.

But. BUTTTT. Here's what I am excited for. Those big, lush, Baz Luhrman party scenes with the dancers and the drinks and the tuxedos and the music and the costumes! That's what he does best, and I have no doubt he's gonna knock that part out of the park. Especially having seen four examples of the costumes today, after they were released by designer Miuccia Prada and revealed in Vogue. They're all inspired by the 1920s, but with a modern twist, and I can absolutely imagine Carey Mulligan in every single one of them. My favorite is the green one that I've included in this post, but they're all gorgeous and worth a look. Or maybe two or three, just to wash the bad taste of the trailers out of your mouth.

(Image: Vogue)