The First Great Expectations Clip Has Ralph Fiennes Doing What He Does Best, Freaking Out Some Kid

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Since the trailer for Great Expectations got pulled, we've been jonesing for more footage of this Harry Potter reunion crossed with the first long novel most of us read. Unfortunately, there's no Helena Bonham Carter wreathed in a cobwebbed wedding dress eating moldy pieces of cake… but we do get to enjoy Ralph Fiennes in his first non-Voldemort role in years!

In this clip, teenage Pip (War Horse‘s Jeremy Irvine) gets a nasty surprise when he's visited by the convict Magwitch, who he helped as a child and who (unbeknownst) to him has been guiding his adult life where he works for Miss Havisham (Carter) and falls for the gorgeous Estella (Holliday Grainger). It's fun to see how panicked Pip is at his unsavory friend barging into his shi-shi new life, when he doesn't yet realize that he wouldn't be climbing the social ladder if it weren't for Magwitch's goodwill.

Great Expectations will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival next week. Maybe in advance of that, we'll get a clip of Miss Havisham and Estella being fabulously bitchy to Pip!