16 Great Actor Performances in Bad Movies

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Sometimes even the worst movie has some good things going for it. More often than not, it's a stand-out performance from an actor doing their best with the source material. Even when the script, plot, and special effects fail, some actors just know how to make it work. Sometimes you can tell an actor is having a good time, and it makes the movie seem a little less horrible. And sometimes they just put so much into the role that it's hard to deny how great they are!

Full disclosure: these movies may be conventionally “bad” but that doesn't mean they're unwatchable. Pretty much every movie has a fan somewhere! But they're not winning any awards (except maybe a Razzie) and are far from critically acclaimed. But in the midst of the underwhelming elements in these films are some stellar performances. Here are some actors that gave great performances in some not-so-great films!