Gravity Recut As A Rom-Com Might Be The Best Thing On The Internet Right Now

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Gravity floating in space


Gravity could very well be one of the most intense movie experiences that I've ever had. There's still a part of me that believes that I personally traveled to space and survived. In fact, whenever I hear people talk about the movie, I'm close to blurting out, “oh space, I've been there.” Until I remember that I have not been there, I have not even been close to being  there. Sandra Bullock was there and George Clooney was there, but I was not.

In contrast to the intensity of Gravity is the stupidity of romantic comedies. Unlike so many movies that star women, this one didn't even have a hint of a romance in it. Although, I will say that it had a hint too much of skin. Like a real live astronaut pointed out on Vultureastronauts usually have a few layers of clothing in between their space suit and their underwear.

But I'm getting off topic here. We're talking about romantic comedies and how Gravity isn't one. Or I should say, wasn't one. Thanks to the Film School Rejects, we now can see what this movie would've looked liked if there was an extremely cheesy love story involved. It's what I like to call a perfect viral video. Well done, Internet, well done!

(Via Jezebel)