Grandfathered Recap: More John Stamos Hair Jokes

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Last night’s Grandfathered showed more of the same old, which is saying something because we’re only 3 episodes in. This episode started with a family game night that goes awry when Jimmy (John Stamos) abruptly realizes he knows nothing about his son Gerald (Josh Peck) during the trivia game.

When Jimmy goes to leave, Sara (Paget Brewster) follows him to his car and tells him he isn’t trying hard enough with their son. “It’s like your hair,” she says. “It looks good, but it’s not real.” Clearly, John Stamos’s legacy as “the guy with good hair” isn’t going ANYWHERE.

The episode continues with Jimmy beginning to show somewhat of a moral compass, feeling bad that he’s entirely insensitive to peoples’ feelings and that he shuts down when anyone tries to show any emotion around him. He then invites Gerald to his house for a “guys night” to try and get to know him better. Gerald, who doesn’t really drink and requests a “virgin colada”, naturally ends up getting shitfaced and lost in West Hollywood — cue the sweet, former strangers but now father-son bonding moments while said son throws up into the toilet.

Jimmy also reveals that the only person he’s ever truly loved is, of course, Gerald’s mom Sara (who ends up sitting home alone when her son is whisked away doing Buzzfeed quizzes on “Which Friends Character Are You?”). She’s pissed when she gets Ross, twice. As we all would. The show ends on a sugary sweet note, and I’m gathering that this is how it will always be, Full House 2.0. Except here we have emojis and drones.

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