Grandfathered Recap: It’s Quickly Morphing Into Full House

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Last night brought the second episode of the John Stamos sitcom, Grandfathered and I’m worried that my greatest fears about the show are coming true.

The opening shows Jimmy, played by Stamos, about to get it in with a much-younger lady who admits she has no idea who her real father is and that all she knows is that he slept around a lot around when she was conceived. Things get uncomfortable REALLY quick when Jimmy fears he could actually be this lady’s father. The scene is cringe-worthy and not in a good way, and of course a major mood ruiner.

The entire rest of the episode swirls around Jimmy’s MAJOR problem — he has tickets to Diddy’s infamous “white party” (in which guests wear all white, in case you’ve never heard of such an affair) but his new found family invites him to family day at the beach. He reluctantly agrees to go to the beach but makes it pretty clear he has no interest and would much rather be frolicking with white bikini-clad ladies.

This is where the show veers into serious Full House territory: by the end of the half hour, we’ve got a saccharine family moment and a moral lesson about the importance of family to be learned. All we’re missing here is a Danny Tanner hug.

The real MVP of this episode is Gerald (Josh Peck), his dorky son who admits that, of course, he’d rather not be hunting down baby wipes and singing kid’s tunes in the car, but “you do it because you love your kid.” I started watching this show because I had a major lady boner for John Stamos, but I’m quickly realizing that the one to love here is Josh Peck. It’s impossible NOT to love him and his character.

(Photo: Jordin Althaus/Fox)