Never Thought I’d Say This, But Arby’s Had The Funniest Joke Of The Grammys

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Pharrell Grammys hat next to Arbys hat in tweet January 2014Man you guys, Miley Cyrus skips one music-related award show, and all of a sudden the entire game gets changed up. Giuliana Rancic begins wooing the decidedly-underaged Austin Mahone, P!nk somehow became an air ballerina while we weren't looking, and the funniest tweet of the whole show came from…a fast food company.

Let me explain. As you may have noticed if you have a face with eyes in it, Pharrell has been strolling around the Grammys in a hat much more suited to safaris, cow-pokin', or warning kids of the dangers of fires than it is to a musical award show. (In his defense, this thing becomes more like LL Cool J‘s annual picnic every single year, so maybe he just got confused.) Upon seeing the hat, most of us just speculated on how many mid-show snacks it was hiding, or crossed our fingers that someone fun and tiny was lurking up there, ready to spice up this extremely boring show. Normal stuff like that.

But amidst all of those uninspired tweets, it was Arby's who realized that Pharrell's headpiece was PRETTY MUCH A DEAD RINGER for the hat they use in their advertising. Welcome to the snarkfest, you roast beef sons of bitches!

How great is that though, seriously? I love when corporations get involved in tweeting, I think because it's a rare convergence of my two favorite things — pop culture and eating like a zoo animal. The world's most glorious Venn diagram.

(Image: Twitter)