The Best Celebrity Instagram And Twitter Photos From The 2014 Grammys

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Taylor Swift whipping hair grammys 2014(via)

The 2014 Grammy Awards were held last night, and there were a lot of intense piano performances and pyrotechnics. As fun as it is to witness on-air moments like Taylor Swift's whiplash (see above GIF), P!nk's air acrobatics, and Pharrell speaking for Daft Punk like he's their mother ordering for them at a restaurant, sometimes it's even more fun to look at what happens behind-the-scenes. Luckily we live in the age of celebrity social media, so plenty of attendees shared photos of the evening on Instagram and Twitter.

I've even put the photos in general order from rehearsal to at-home prep to limo to red carpet to show to after the show. So you can really feel like you're living vicariously through people more famous than you. After all, what more is the Internet for?

Pink Grammys 2014

(Photo: Twitter)

P!nk shared this photo of herself in the auditorium the night before the show, probably when she was rehearsing that amazing acrobatics act. She deserves a million thumbs up.

Jay-Z Madonna's son David Grammys 2014

(Photo: Instagram)

Madonna's son David posed with Jay Z at rehearsals. He was also her date to the show itself. Oh, sorry, I mean her grill was her date. David just happened to show up.

Chrissy Teigan boobs Grammys 2014

(Photo: Instagram)

Chrissy Teigan made sure to show us the underside of her boobs while she got ready to accompany her husband John Legend to the show. It's a very important step.

Katy Perry brother Grammys 2014

(Photo: Twitter)

Katy Perry left John Mayer at home to do douchey things and took her brother David Hudson to the show instead. Is it just me, or are their eyeballs unnaturally white?

Neil Patrick Harris David Burtka Grammys 2014

(Photo: Instagram)

Neil Patrick Harris was one of the many CBS stars who seem to have been contractually obligated to attend the show. Luckily he took a cute selfie with his partner David Burtka.

Giuliana Rancic Austin Mahone Grammys 2014

(Photo: Instagram)

Giuliana Rancic developed a rather inappropriate crush on Bieber 2.0 Austin Mahone when she interviewed him on the red carpet. Run, Austin! Run as fast as you can!

Pharrell Ryan Seacrest Grammys 2014

(Photo: Instagram)

Pharrell's hat is so big it edged Ryan Seacrest out of his own selfie. But seriously, what the hell is under that hat?

LL Cool J Paul McCartney Grammys 2014

(Photo: Instagram)

Even Paul McCartney seems to be thinking, “Why is LL Cool J hosting the Grammys?” And after all that, we still don't know.

Taylor Swift Grammys 2014

(Photo: Instagram)

Taylor Swift practiced her surprised face backstage before going on to perform. Too bad she pulled it out at the worst time when Album of the Year was announced. Oopsies.

Taylor Swift Lorde Twitter

(Photo: Twitter)

When Lorde started winning awards last night, Taylor also made sure to share this photo of them being friends, writing “And you know… We're on each other's team.” Sure, Taylor. Whatever you say.

Madonna Grammys 2014

(Photo: Instagram)

Just Madonna struggling to stay relevant. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

Chrissy Teigan John Legend Neil Patrick Harris Grammys 2014

(Photo: Instagram)

Neil Patrick Harris did something very NPH when he photobombed Chrissy Teigan and John Legend's audience selfie. We should all be so lucky.

Katy Perry Grammys 2014

(Photo: Instagram)

After the show's 33-couple wedding/Macklemore PR stunt, Katy Perry shared this photo of herself, declaring that the performance brought her to tears and she caught the bouquet. Uh oh, nobody tell John Mayer.

Sara Bareilles selfie Grammys 2014

(Photo: Instagram)

My new girl crush Sara Bareilles shared this early morning mirror selfie after the show, captioning it, “Katniss hair + removal of braids = Lorde's awesome hair. #wishitweremine.”