Grammy Countdown : Male Pop Nominees

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I compiled the Female Pop Artists nominees the other day so I think it's just fair that I give the Male Pop Artist nominees the same spotlight.

All Summer Long by Kid Rock. This was Kid Rock kind of a comeback song. It's actually under Rock genre but Grammy's decided it's under Pop. With the way how Top 40 works where Pop category is pretty expanded these days it makes sense.


Say by John Meyer. I'm actually surprise Say made it to the cut. For some reason I feel like the song has been around for at least 2 years. Nevertheless, it is a good song so Congrats John Meyer :).


That Was Me by Paul McCartney. I wouldn't be surprised if Sir Paul McCartney won. He's an icon for crying out loud. That's kinda hard to ignore if you're one of the voting committee.


Closer by Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo is under RnB category but again with how the Top 40/Pop Music expansion works, he's nominated under Male Pop category. I like this song and I have been so enamored with Ne-Yo's suave and dapper style that I wouldn't mind if he won :).


Wichita Lineman by James Taylor. Besides Paul McCartney, James Taylor probably also has a huge chance of winning. Is this song Pop? Well, it's Pop Contemporary so yes it's Pop. Besides, who are we to argue with the Grammy's?

I'm Your's by Jason Mraz. This is my "chill song". This could easily win too.

Well, may the best Male Pop Artist win. 51st Annual Grammy Awards will be presented on February 8th, 2009, Sunday.