Grammy Countdown : Female Pop Artists

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The 51st Annual Grammy Awards will be presented this weekend, February 8th, Sunday. We're going to do a Grammy Countdown until that day arrives. First up, the Female Pop  Artists Nominees.


Chasing Pavements by Adele. The sound is very soothing. If you've heard the single, seen the video and heard Adele sing live, she sounds exactly like the recorded version of her song. That means she could really sing and she doesn't feel the need to change too much because the song's message speaks for itself.


Love Song by Sara Bareilles. Another soothing and mellow song. Sara's voice is very infectious.


Mercy by Duffy. I love this song and I love Duffy. She's such a cute little thing. Her sound was being compared to Amy Winehouse which may have some truth into it but Duffy is cuter and saner than Amy, hehe.


Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. The X-Factor winner has certainly made a name for herself worldwide. As well she should. Her voice is amazing. Her first album SPIRIT deserves all the accolades it's getting.

I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry. The song became the anthem for the Summer of 2008. It's quite a tongue-in-cheek song that catapulted Katy Perry's career. Will she win a Grammy? 50/50 chances. I'm more interested to waht she's going to wear at the red carpet 🙂


So What by Pink. This is Pink's "I'm divorced therefore I don't care" song off of her FUNHOUSE album. It's quite cheeky and hilarious. She's already a Grammy winner so she could win again.


My guess is it would either be Adele, Leona Lewis or Pink. I'm rooting for all 6 of them though :).