16 Graduation TV Episodes That Always Make Us Emotional

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Graduations are always super emotional. Whether it's high school or college, you can guarantee a few tears will be shed. And no one does a dramatic, emotionally-fulfilling graduation better than TV. Sorry, real life, TV's better at this too. Graduation TV episodes always manage to pull at our heartstrings and get us all misty-eyed. And they usually happen to be season finales, so it's chock full of weepy goodness!

Our school days were fun, but graduating is such a monumental accomplishment that nothing can beat. Reliving that magic on TV brings us back to our graduation days and it can get a little emotional up in here. Whether you're a new grad, long done with school, or anxiously awaiting your turn, you're sure to love these graduation TV eps. Now cue up the Vitamin C song and check out some of our very favorites!