‘Gossip Girl’ Writer Promises ‘Insanity’

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Josh SchwartzSince our love for Gossip Girl knows no bounds, and we're getting tired of waiting for the show to return (next week!), we stalked the show's writer/producer Josh Schwartz at Cosmo‘s Fun Fearless Male event and asked him to dish on the show's new episodes and all the other stuff he's working on now. Plus, we have a new GG promo. Read on.

We can't wait for Gossip Girl to come back with new episodes. What has it been like being on hiatus for you?

It's been brutal. But I'll say this: distance makes the heart grow fonder. People start to miss you, they start to want you back, they remember the good times and now they're hungry for more and we're going to deliver. March 8 we're going to kick it off, it's going to be amazing. We have 10 episodes in a row, no repeats, major bombshells, major stuff's happening. Serena's dad's coming back, Jenny's virginity is going to hang in balance, watch it. Insanity.

One of the things we're looking forward to seeing is the story of Chuck's mom. Can you tell us anything about that?

[Ed Westwick] is phenomenal in the episode. We wanted to give him an opportunity to take center stage and give him some real emotional storylines and he's just great. He knocks it out of the park.

We've noticed that there are some similarities that run through your work — like the name Chuck on the show Chuck and Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. What are some reoccurring themes that you see in all of your projects?

I definitely feel like everything I do says something about being an outsider in some way. So whether that's Ryan Atwood coming into Orange County and feeling like an outsider or Seth Cohen feeling like one living there — the characters on Gossip Girl, a lot of them live on the inside and feel like outsiders. Certainly Chuck [played by Zachary Levi] is this geek who never felt like part of the world he's being thrust into. There's that motif through things. Certainly music is a big part of the shows. And hopefully great casts with exciting new actors that we get to discover for these shows.

We also hear that you're producing a new movie, Endless Love.

Yep, myself and Stephanie Savage are producing it.

Have you ever had an endless love?

My wife, Jill.

What other projects are you working on?

I sold a readaptation of Bright Lights, Big City for MGM, to direct, and a lot more exciting stuff coming down the pike.

When can we look for Bright Lights, Big City to start production?

It depends on how long this MGM thing plays out. So hopefully after that. We're getting great feedback from actors. Once MGM gets sold, hopefully we can pick it right back up.