Goodbye Gossip Girl: You Know I Love You (Even Though That Finale Was Cray)

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New York, I Love You XOXO

I was at a bookstore when I first heard of Gossip Girl. I saw the first book of the series on a display, and I looked at what it was about. As soon as I read that it was about glam ladies living in NYC, I had to have it. I devoured the first book, but I never made it to the second.

One day, my mom was cleaning my room (idk why she didn't just make me do it), and she saw my Gossip Girl book laying on the floor. She decided to open it, and she read the first scene where Blair talks about wanting to give Nate her V-card. WELL. Since that wasn't appropriate for a middle school girl to be reading, I couldn't read about my beloved Upper Eastsiders anymore.

I didn't really think about Gossip Girl again until The O.C. ended. The O.C. was my absolute favorite show, and when it ended I was heartbroken… until I heard that Josh Schwartz would be turning the Gossip Girl book series into a show on The CW. I always wanted to know what happened to the girls I only read about 200 pages about, and I needed to fill my O.C. void…so my relationship with Gossip Girl the TV show was born.

I loved the TV show in the first few seasons, but WTF WAS THAT FINALE, GUYS? So basically I wasn't shocked because this whole season has been leading up to stupid Dan Humphrey being Gossip Girl. UGH. In the very first season, I was rooting for Dan and Serena van der Woodsen to end up together because I thought Dan was actually a lonely boy. I really wanted to believe that an outsider could change Serena and they would live happily ever after. Apparently, they are going to live happily ever after, but Dan was gossip girl this WHOLE TIME.

Do you guys think the writers knew that from the beginning? I think they were making it up as they went along and figured they had to string some sort of story line about who GG is together. I thought I was going to write this post about about how many of the characters have changed, but I don't even know what to say about Dan. Because after learning what we learned tonight, he hasn't really changed a bit. He's always had the power. He's always been the center of the Upper Eastsiders' world…he just had to keep it a secret.

The creators of the show have to know that finale wasn't up to par right? Why would Dan and Serena get married at Blair Waldorf‘s house? Why would Rufus end up with Lisa Loeb? Why is Georgina Sparks with Quinn Uncle Jack? It's times like these where I appreciate when shows leave a lot of loose ends in their finales and let viewers interpret the ending how they wish. Because when the writers try to do what the Gossip Girl writers did and tie everything together, it just comes off as cheesy and forced.

And yes, I know the writers make fun of the show's downward decline, but come on. That finale was not even “Oh hey, we are making fun of ourselves” funny. And what REALLY bothered me was that Josh Schwartz KNOWS how to do a finale. I seriously can't watch The O.C. finale without bawling my eyes out. (But, props to the GG writers for having Rachel Bilson on and saying she was too old to play high school. Loved it.)

However, as much as I wasn't a fan of the finale, I will always love the show. I feel like I grew up with the GG crew. The show started when I was in high school, and I followed it to college (even though nobody on the show completed college or even went for more than a year). I love/hate how the show made me feel insecure about my entire wardrobe, even the clothes I sleep in. Do rich NYC teens really sleep in silk negligees like Blair did? Because I've been sleeping in sweatpants and jeans for years and Gossip Girl makes me feel sloppy. I will always love how Chuck Bass and Blair's amazing love story started that one night in the back of a limo. A gross start to a gorgeous end…because seriously Blair looked fab in her (second) wedding dress.

I think it's hard for a show to do a finale that everyone loves. And while I didn't LOVE the finale, one episode doesn't determine how great the series was. I'll probably go back and watch a few eps, or all of them now that I know who the real gossip girl is. And I'll def make sure to pull up an old episode if I ever need fashion inspiration because let's be honest, even if an episode sucked or if Blair was marrying a stupid French prince, the fashion was always on point.

Now, I refuse to sign this post with XOXO because I'm sure EVERY OTHER THING you read about Gossip Girl today did the same thing. So whatevs bye.

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