Saying Goodbye to Gossip Girl: The Top 20 Fashion Moments That Made Us Envy Blair and Serena

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10. Serena at the Ballet



While helping the gang with one of their classic takedowns at a major event, Serena dazzled in what is probably the most re-pinned dress on the planet.


9.  Blair at Lily's wedding to Bart



Season 1 ended with Lily marrying Bart and Blair wearing her most beautiful headband with a dramatic dress to match.

8.  Serena at the Pink Party



Physically, Serena is the perfect specimen. One of her most eye-catching features are her legs for days, captured perfectly in this Marchesa dress that is THE perfect shade of pink.

7.  Blair at the White Party



3 words, 8 letters, and I'm yours” is what we remember most about the White Party, but Blair's dress is equally unforgettable highlighting her perfect summer tan.

6.  Serena at Thanksgiving



Something guys can be thankful for: this sexy black jumpsuit Serena wore for Season 3's Thanksgiving episode. Not only does it hug every curve, but the deep V continues to add allure.

5.  Blair Crashing the Bar Mitzvah 



In the Season 4 finale, we all wanted to know if Blair would choose Chuck or Louis. Thought she chose Louis, she first said goodbye to Chuck after spending the night together crashing a random bar mitzvah.

4.  Serena en Paris



Blair & Serena's time in Paris provided us with endless choices in favorite outfits, but this ensemble stands alone. Combining two trends still popular in 2012 of jewel tones and sequins, Serena represents the height of glamour.

3.  Blair in the Series Finale 



I don't want to spoil the occasion for this dress, but let's just say it's BIG. She brings back the headband for the final episode and is ready to celebrate her happy ending.

2  Serena at Blair's wedding



Consider this the biggest scene-stealing fashion moment of the entire season. Blair was about to enter an ill-fated marriage to Louis, but Serena's maid of honor gown completely outshone Blair's own wedding gown.

1.  Blair Confronting Chuck in Paris



If it weren't for Blair telling Chuck that it wouldn't be her world without him in it, the only thing we'd be paying attention to is this drop dead gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown. The combination of sheer drama in the gown and in Chuck & Blair's relationship makes this THE top fashion moment in Gossip Girl.

Main Photo: The CW / Timothy White

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