Saying Goodbye to Gossip Girl: The Top 20 Fashion Moments That Made Us Envy Blair and Serena

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Tonight marks the Gossip Girl series finale. Cue mourning for the major loss of eye candy in the forms of Ed Westwick (Chuck), Chace Crawford (Nate), and Penn Badgley (Dan). But perhaps the biggest void that will result from the end of Gossip Girl is the fashion. When’s the next time we’re going to see entitled teenagers battling for social status in haute couture? The clothes of the show alone told you if you were a Blair or Serena (personally, I’m 100% Blair). We’ve seen them at cotillions, proms, weddings, beach parties, funerals, even in pajamas, and neither leading lady was dressed less than to impress. Some moments were purely about how good Blake Lively or Leighton Meester looked in these clothes, and others were about the major moments in the show where the clothes were a part of what took your breath away. So now, check out the top 20 fashion moments that made you wish you were Blair or Serena yourself.

20.  Serena at the Wild Brunch

The Wild Brunch


Back in Season 1, Serena tried to introduce Dan to the Upper East Side but kept it casual cool in this bohemian-inspired dress.

19.  Blair at the Pink Party



Blair is just simply beautiful in this gown wore at the Pink Party where rumors swirled of her and Dan being an item.

18.  Serena at the Sotheby's Auction



We don't really know what happened in this episode, but Blake Lively looks flawless as Serena in this Herve Leger dress.

17.  Blair at her W Internship



Blair proves that style and substance can coexist as she rules the internship scene at W Magazine.

16.  Serena at Cotillion 

Hi, Society


 At a pivotal moment in the beginning of her and Dan's relationship, Serena stuns in her cotillion gown.

15.  Blair after The Trade



This great Matthew Williamson dress is a major departure from Blair's typically cover up couture giving her a more ethereal appearance. Unfortunately, it happens at the same time when Chuck trades her for his hotel.

14 . Serena at the Studio 54 Party



For a theme party in Grandma CeCe's honor, Serena rocks the 70's look in a fierce DVF gown.


13.  Blair at the Prom



All of our hearts melted when Chuck created the perfect prom for Blair, including the magical gown she dreamed of since childhood.


12.  Serena at the Mystery Wedding

Gone Maybe Gone


When the Non-Judging Breakfast Club find where Serena's been hiding out all summer, they expect to find her at her darkest point. They're surprised to see her bright as sunshine with a dress to match. Is she getting married?!


11. Blair at Constance Billiard



We all know that the high school uniforms are what first caught the audience's eye, and what sealed the deal was Blair's declaration, “Tights are NOT pants!” Ironically, her pair of red tights is one of her most iconic accessories, second only to the headband.

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