Gossip Girl Lounge Video Sexy And Scandalous

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Get your gossip going? That’s obviously what The CW wants Gossip Girl fans to do.

This is a little-out-there video of the Gossip Girl Lounge which is full of sexual innuendos.

Here’s some of the lyrics taken in various spots from the song:

“Take my advice if your love life is slowing, get your gossip going”

“Now tabloid love might get you a text, but the vamp-porn scene, that’s more like a “sext.”

This part of the video shows Serena (Blake Lively) kissing the actor dude and then Olivia (Hilary Duff) acting in one of her vampire movies.

“But if wholesome turns threesome and clothes start a throwing, get your gossip going.”

This part of the song is all about the recent Gossip Girl threesome, basically showing the best parts of the scenes where Olivia and Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) kiss and then the flashback that Dan (Penn Badgley) happily remembers of watching the two of them kiss. And the very scandalous part where Olivia is thrown off Dan, and Vanessa hops on top.

Yea, pretty dang scandalous. While most of the scenes are from Season 3, there are a few from seasons one and two.