Gossip Girl Couple Alert

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Who would have thought Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr would would be such a hot and heavy item. Gossip Girl has done quite well regarding ‘cast’ relationships. The two were spotted lounging on a poolside mattress at the Mondrian Hotel in LA says People magazine. The two were living a dream while sipping on mojitos while catching some rays. ‘Chuck Bass’  was never my favorite when the Gossip Girl first started. To be honest, I pondered why they chose him for the role to be beside Chase for a while. It didn’t take long for me to realize why, and that I actually think Ed Westwick is more of a hunk than Chase. I normally go for the pretty boys, but there is just something about Chuck. His lines, his looks, his bad habits and mysterious ways just draw you into him! Jessica Szohr is a lucky girl although I”m sure in real life Ed is a very nice guy and doesn’t at all resemble Chuck.

Along the poolside Westwick took off his shirt and “dazzled the crowd with his amazing body” People tells us. I believe that but to come to think of it, there aren’t any body shots of Chuck in Gossip Girl! Why not? I hope we have that to look forward to the next season? Did you know that in real life, Ed actually has an English accent??? I couldn’t believe it. I saw him on Regis and Kelly and my love for him grew even fonder. He sounded so polite with an English accent it was so ‘not’ Chuck Bass. Certainly is a slick one that Westwick. Jessica is a gorgeous girl herself. Definitely a good looking couple.

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