Gossip Cop Debunks Lindsay Lohan Rumors

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Gossip Cop debunks Lindsay Lohan rumors INFphoto 1099889 lindsay lohan rock the kasbah1 379x590 jpgYou gotta love Gossip Cop.

Gossip Cop has debunked two of the latest Lindsay Lohan rumors — that she was dropped from her record label — and that she’s not being paid for her Ungaro artistic advisor job.

FOX411 first reported both stories — that Lindsay was dropped from her record label Casablanca — and that she’s not being paid for Ungaro gig.

According to Gossip Cop, a Lohan rep says the music label story is “not true.” A rep for Universal Music, the parent company of Casablanca, tells Gossip Cop she’s still on the Casablanca label with distribution through Universal. Yea! Maybe Lindsay start working on a new album soon!

As for busting the story on Lindsay doing the Ungaro job for free — Gossip Girl learned from a Lindsay insider that she is “paid a lot” for her Ungaro gig.

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