Gossip Alert: Avril Lavigne May Be Dating Wilmer Valderrama

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Well I guess that means that Avril Lavigne isn't dating Brandon Davis which I'm sure everyone is relieved about. But Wilmer Valderrama? I'm not sure if he's any better, at least Brandon kind of  looked like Elvis. I don't really know Wilmer but I definitely don't picture Avril with him. Maybe he pursued her because she kind of looks like his ex Lindsay Lohan.Or maybe they are just hanging out.


More juicy details about this alleged hook-up after the jump!

We all know that Avril Lavigne is known as a party girl and who can blame her. With the success she's had I would be partying up a storm. Now that she's single she's probably partying even more!


Regarding Avril and Wilmer hooking up it's all based on them hanging out or being on a ‘first date' over the weekend. They were spotted at the L.A. club Wonderland appearing very close. What does that even mean? Apparently Avril had her hand on his knee but I do that all the time with my male friends. It doesn't mean anything.

Either way I'm happy to hear that Avril is out and about having fun!

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Source: Perez Hilton

Image Credit: Fame Pictures