‘Goodnight Dune’ and Other Tales: When Children’s Literature Meets Science Fiction

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Way back when I was a wee little nerd, I remember reading Goodnight Moon with a frequency that bordered on obsessive. I'm not entirely sure what it was about the story that I liked so much; maybe it was the repetition, or the anthropomorphic bunny, or the trippy way in which the images in the room changed from page to page. In any event, had Julia Yu's Frank Herbert-inspired Goodnight Dune existed in the mid-'80s, I have no doubt that it would have usurped the original's honored place on my bookshelf in an instant. I mean, why bother saying goodnight to a red balloon and a cow jumping over the moon when you can say goodnight to a red baron and a Shai-Hulud bursting out of a dune instead?

This got me to thinking: What might happen if other children's books met with other science fiction or fantasy titles in a series of glorious mash-ups? Gather round, children; It's time for Bedtime Stories with Crushable!