13 ‘Black Movies’ That White People Can (Surprisingly) Watch

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I don't know what the most outrageous thing that you experienced this week was, but mine was most certainly hearing about the openly racist reviews that The Best Man Holiday was getting. To jog your memory, some movie critics were shocked that a “black movie” could be doing so well in theaters. Who could have ever expected that the holiday-themed rom-com would do so well during the holiday season? It is, after all, just a silly old “black movie!”

And that made me think of all of the other “black movies” that I've seen in my life that I think my white friends would just love. And, like, I get it. It's a totally crazy idea that white people could possibly enjoy a movie that was made strictly and exclusively for black people. But that's a risk that I'm willing to take. You can call me a hero if you'd like, or you could not call me a hero. (But I'd prefer it if everyone did, because that's my favorite type of sandwich.)

So, here are the 13 “black movies” that everyone has full permission to watch and love, even if you aren't black. Prepare to be shocked like you've never been before.

1. The Secret Life of Bees

It's about a teenager, living in 1960's South Carolina, who finds herself mesmerized by the world of beekeeping, when she is taken in by a group of sisters after running away with her nanny. And, if you don't watch for any other reason, you should watch just to figure out what's up with those bees and their secret lives. They're so sneaky, the little rascals.

2. For Colored Girls

OH MY GOD, the title! It says it's for colored girls! Only colored girls, how dare anyone who isn't that exact thing enjoy this movie?! Except, whoops, looks like it's about friendships, love, domestic violence, motherhood, and many other struggles that people, black and non-black, go through every day.

3. Precious

Hey, now, I'll bet you've already seen this one! But if you're super weird and haven't, you totally should do that right now, because this story about an abused teen who is pregnant with her second child trying to change her life for the better is amazing.

4. The Color Purple

Aside from the fact that you should watch this to get a glimpse of what Oprah Winfrey was like pre-car giveaways, you should also watch for the impeccable story. There are some pretty upsetting themes in the movie, but if you're in for a good intense movie that'll stick with you for a while after you see it, this is the one.

5. Coming To America

This comedy, which stars Eddie Murphy in the only movie of his that I can stand, is about an African prince who comes to the U.S. to find a wife. The abundance of funny fish-out-of-water moments that come from the extreme culture shock that Eddie's character experiences make this movie worthwhile, in my book.

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