The First Teaser Of Gone Girl Proves That Ben Affleck Was Tragically Miscast

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Ben Affleck in Gone Girl imageLet's all think back to the last movie role we saw Ben Affleck in that he was actually suited for. It definitely wasn't Argobecause of the whole not-at-all-Mexican thing, and based on how angry everyone is about his casting in Batmanit seems pretty likely it's not that one either.

You can continue digging around on his IMDb page for the answer, but while you're doing that, I have some bad news — according to the teaser clip I just saw from Gone Girlit doesn't look like we should be holding out much hope for that movie, either.

Gone Girl has the unique disadvantage of being based on a book by Gillian Flynn that came out in early 2012, giving everyone who read it over two years to really formulate an idea of one of the book's protagonists, Nick Dunne. He's described as very handsome in a slick, oily kind of way, that makes people think he's a douchebag. And as soon as you say that, I think of someone like Ian Somerhalder or Chris Pine, but suuuuure. We can try out Ben Affleck too. I can't really see it, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.

At least until I see the first teaser clip…which is right now, and I'm already done giving him said benefits of said doubts.

Ben's not sharp hot, he's kind of mopey hot. Like I'm not convinced he's capable of making it look like gears are turning behind his eyes, which is a really crucial trait for this character. I have a fear now that it'll just be two hours of Ben bumbling around and everyone else having to act really hard around him.

Which is a shame, because I think I speak for everyone when I say I devoured that book. It'd be a bummer if the movie was a total let-down.

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