The Gone Girl Movie Gets A New Ending, Gives Readers A Reason To See The Movie

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I devoured Gone Girl, just loved it! Despite that, I couldn't get excited at all for the movie. And it's not just because I think Ben Affleck's horribly miscast as Nick Dunne. But also because the suspense of not knowing what was going to happen next was what made the book so incredibly enjoyable. It's one of the few times when I read a book and really did not see the end coming. As someone who majored in clairvoyance in college and minored in calling Miss Cleo, this is kind of a big deal. So I obviously wondered if the movie would be half as fun as the book if I knew what would be coming next.

[Spoilers ahead! Obviously! I mean read the title of this post. It says ending right in it. So read at your own risk.]

For example, didn't you gasp aloud when Amy returned as a narrator in the middle of the book? And didn't you do a full spit take when she showed up back at the house, all casual and “heyyyy husbanddd who's wanted for my murder, what's up?” Where's the fun in the movie if you know those crucial moments are coming? I mean, sure I can rewatch SVU episodes that I've seen ten times. But it's never as enjoyable when you know the mom killed her kid to be with her lover.

Well David Fincher, Gillian Flynn and (ugh) Ben Affleck must've agreed with me because they went ahead and rewrote the entire ending. Well actually just Gillian Flynn did the writing. Which is the good news! Considering that she wrote the book, she's probably the best person to rewrite the ending. Suddenly I'm excited to go out and see the movie. Not just excited, but antsy. I must know how Nick and Amy end up now. I'm picturing some kind of gory double murder, but that's just the sap in me who loves an old-fashioned corny ending.

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