Ben Affleck Might Play Nick In Gone Girl, Will Definitely Mope If The Role Doesn’t Win Him An Oscar

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gone girl book gillian flynnThe Hollywood Reporter's saying that Ben Affleck, a man who's most well known for not getting nominated for best director at the 2013 Oscars, might get the lead role in the highly anticipated film adaptation of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl. While I'm always down to debate casting choices when it comes to adaptations, I actually think Ben's kinda perfect for the role as Nick. Mostly because they both seem totally awesome on the surface, but turn out to be somewhat self-obsessed when you get to know them.

Don't get me wrong, I like Ben Affleck as an actor. After Pearl Harbor, he even made my “potential future mates” list. But ever since he temper-tantrumed his way through the 2013 awards season, I've lost a lot of respect for him. While I'm sure it must suck getting snubbed by the Oscars after working really hard on a film, I'm also aware there are worse things in life. A lot worse. Perspective shouldn't be a hard concept for a grown man to grasp. Then again, it's Hollywood. A lot of things there seem hard to grasp. Such as reality.

But enough about Ben and back to Gone Girl. Even though I think most of the book's fun came from the suspense, I'm still pretty excited to see it come to the big screen. Especially since my mother said while reading it, “I can see why you liked this book so much, you remind me of Amy.” To which I said, “Mom, she's supposed to be a sociopath.” To which my my mother said, “okay.” To which I said, “well if I can't get a movie made about myself, this is certainly the next big thing.”

So for all your wacky readers out there who wonder what I'm like in real life, the answer is I'm like a sociopath who fakes my own murder.

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