10 Streaming Shows You Should Really Be Watching, According To The Golden Globes

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10 Streaming Shows You Should Really Be Watching  According to the Golden Globes Portlandia next episode gif


The nominations for the 2016 Golden Globes were announced this morning. (No, Tatiana Maslany wasn’t nominated, but I already expressed my displeasure over her SAG snub, so I’ll spare you another rant today.) One of the most notable aspects of this year’s nominations was how many streaming shows were recognized in the TV (and even movie) categories. The Best Comedy Series category alone contains three streaming shows, and the other two nominees are on HBO, so I think it’s fair to say that network comedies pretty much suck these days.

The TV landscape is changing, and more and more people are watching shows at their own pace, on devices other than their actual television sets, and today’s nominations definitely reflected that change. Streaming sites used to be all about catching up on network and cable TV’s offerings after they aired. Now they’re putting out content that’s infinitely better than a lot of the stuff airing from week to week. Below are the offerings from Netflix, Amazon and Hulu that were recognized in today’s nominations. You should probably think about binge watching them.

1. Casual, Hulu

There’s a good chance you had no idea this show even existed, but it stars the always delightful Michaela Watkins, which is always a reason to watch. The series, about a newly divorced woman moving in with her single brother as they both navigate the dating world, was nominated for Best Comedy Series.

2. Transparent, Amazon

We’ve already told you about this show, and it’s already won Jeffrey Tambor an Emmy for his role as a transgender woman. Both Tambor and the series, as well as supporting actress Judith Light, were nominated at the Globes. The second season premieres this Friday, so get watching.

3. Mozart in the Jungle, Amazon

This show stars Gael Garcia Bernal as a maestro at the New York Symphony and was based on the memoir of a real oboist. Both Bernal and the show were nominated. The second season is also starting soon, so you’ll want to catch up.

4. Narcos, Netflix

This show, about infamous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, earned a nomination in the Best Drama Series category, as well as a nod for actor Wagner Moura.

5. Master of None, Netflix

Those of you who’ve been binge watching Aziz Ansari’s new, infinitely relatable comedy will be pleased to hear that he was nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy Series.

6. Grace and Frankie, Netflix

Miley Cyrus’ favorite show about two former rivals whose husbands fall in love with each other earned a Best Actress nomination for Lily Tomlin. Sorry, Jane Fonda. Maybe next time.

7. Bloodline, Netflix

This drama, about family secrets and all that jazz, earned a supporting nomination for Ben Mendelsohn. And if you’re a Friday Night Lights fan, it also stars Kyle Chandler.

8. Orange is the New Black, Netflix

I shouldn’t have to tell you about this one. Just know that the show, as well as Uzo Aduba, were both nominated.

9. House of Cards, Netflix

You probably already know about this one as well. The show didn’t garner as much recognition this year as in previous. In fact, the only nomination was for Robin Wright. I’m not gonna say they could have just given it to Tatiana and forgotten about this show entirely, but okay, I am saying that.

10. Beasts of No Nation, Netflix

This one is actually a movie, proving that even the film industry should be afraid of streaming sites. The film, which tells the story of an African warlord training an orphan to be a guerrilla soldier, earned a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Idris Elba.