The 15 Biggest ‘Oops’ Moments At The 2014 Golden Globes

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Oops Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills GIF(via)

I absolutely adore living vicariously through other peoples' mistakes, so there's nothing I loved more than the hot mess that was the Golden Globes last night. I don't know if it was Take Your Kid To Work And Let Them Run The Audio / Visual Equipment Day or what, but it was such a hilarious collection of mistakes.

Over and over again, I found myself shaking my head in confusion at the television going WHAT IS GOING ON. It's like you put a hundred celebrities in a room, fill up the rest with Hollywood people, and ply them all with champagne all night and all of sudden things get really unpredictable?!?! Yeah…I guess when I say it like that, it sort of makes sense.

But regardless, last night was one amazingly awkward ‘oops' moment after another, and I want us all to enjoy them together. So in case you missed it, here were all the times last night when I was pretty sure an extremely intelligent orangutan was running the show.

1. When Elisabeth Moss gave the finger in the ManiCam Elizabeth Moss Gives Mani Cam Middle FingerI'm gonna go ahead and blame this one on Giulianna Rancic, who goaded Elisabeth to do whatever she was planning, only to have her spirit leave her body when she realized she put a middle finger on national TV.

2. When Jennifer Lawrence photobombed Taylor Swift

Jennifer Lawrence Photobombs Taylor Swift (via)

Um, Taylor? There's…it's just that there's a monster behind you in a fitted sheet.

3. When Jacqueline Bisset caught the censor off-guard

You know that seven-second delay they're supposed to have on live award shows? Well I don't think they have it so they can start bleeping out normal words (at 2:58, in this video) only to highlight a very loud ‘SHIT' coming one second later. You guys nailed it.

ran out of ‘get to the stage music'

4. When it took everyone an hour to walk to the stage

I understand that there were some surprises last night, but did we really not know Breaking Bad was gonna win? Did they have to be buried all the way at the back of the room?

5. When the teleprompter failed for Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie

And they had to read off of a PIECE OF PAPER.

6. When E! shared a ‘fun fact' about Michael J. Fox

Michael J Fox Golden Globes Fun Fact

(Image: E!)

That is so fun, I cannot believe I have never heard that really fun fact before this moment. What a silly little piece of trivia — I'm gonna call him right now for a gab about it!

7. When Matt Damon forgot his glasses

Matt Damon spinning around GIF(via)

Presumably the teleprompter was working, but we'll never know, because ‘garbage person' Matt Damon forgot his glasses back at the table with Mrs. Matt Damon.

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