The Most Famous Person In Mean Girls Never Actually Got Paid

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Who would you say is the most famous person in Mean GirlsProbably Tina Fey or Lindsay Lohan or Rachel McAdams, right? WRONG. It's actually Glen Coco, whose name is one of the most oft-quoted lines of the entire film.

You know the moment, when Daniel Franzese comes in as Santa to deliver the candy grams, and he gives four to a silent guy in the second row named Glen Coco while shouting, “You go Glen Coco!” If you're anything like me, you've used that phrase hundreds of times in the ten years since that film came out, and never actually bothered to think about the guy who actually played Glen Coco.

Well his name is David Reale, and even though he's an actor, he was never actually hired, paid, or credited for the film. Weiiiird, right? I'll explain. He'd originally auditioned for another role in the movie that he didn't get, but since his apartment was right across the street from the set that day, he figured he'd come over and bum around to watch and maybe get some free food.

So he did that, and when the director Mark Waters saw him, he recognized him from the audition an dassumed he'd been cast as an extra. So he put him in the film, saying, “Hey, I'm going to put you right in the front on this next scene and you'll have a name and everything.” Damn girl! David says he didn't sign a release and wasn't cast, so he never got paid for the role, but he did get free lunch. Kind of evens out, right?

David thinks so, as he acknowledges he had very little to do with the popularity of the line, considering all he did was sit there:

Tina Fey wrote the line, Daniel Franzese spoke the line… I just sat in a chair and tried not to stare at Lindsay Lohan. But I guess it was the first time somebody pointed to me on the street and shouted “YOU GO GLEN COCO!” that I knew I was involved in something with a beauty and power that surpassed the mere proliferation of four candy canes to an accidental movie extra.

Well said, sir. Very well said. YOU GO GLEN COCO.

Oh and before I forget?

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