Glee Answers The Question ‘How Will I Know How to do a Whitney Tribute?’

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It's Whitney week at McKinley High. This week, the whole glee club pays homage to Whitney Houston by doing tons of cocaine singing her songs. I don't mean to be insensitive, but we already got a tribute at this year's Grammys, and in my opinion, the actual stars at the Grammys are much better at paying tribute to Whitney than a bunch of high school kids from Ohio. But New Directions didn't ask me before doing this, so let's discuss how it went.

Brittany butchers “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” Why do they have to sing this song badly on TV? Why can't they just be like me and sing it alone in the car where no one else has to listen. I thought it was common knowledge that if someone doesn't have a voice like Whitney, they shouldn't even try to sing her songs.

Rachel and Santana sang “So Emotional.” I kind of liked it because it was a good duet. It wasn't one of them showing off more than the other. While they sang, Finn taped them with his phone and Kurt kept getting texts from the awesome gay guy he met at the record store who also loves musical theatre. And then Blaine finds those texts, which sends him into singing “It's Not Right but It's Okay.” I can't hate anything Darren Criss does. Even if I'm not too fond of this episode, I love everything he does. Also, does Kurt realize he's giving up Darren effing Criss.

After a chat with his dad about going to college (which was super emotional because I think Kurt's dad is one of my fave characters), Kurt sings “I Have Nothing.” A lot of Blaine and Kurt in this episode. Get back to the Whitney so we can move on to an episode that hopefully isn't themed.

The final number, “My Love is Your Love”, is the whole club, and while it tries to show how everyone is BFF and graduating won't tear them apart, it just comes off as cheesy. Glee? Be Cheesy?

While this episode was blah, I'm really excited for next week. We finally get to see Rachel and Kurt audition for college, and that should be way more exciting than this week.