The Glee Portrayal Of The Magazine Industry In Last Night’s Episode Was The Worst

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Okay, Glee. I'm a little insulted by last night's episode. As someone who just spent four years studying magazines in college and doing internship after internship and who moved to New York City right after graduation to find a magazine job and STILL hasn't found one, I'm super annoyed at your portrayal of Kurt and his internship at Vogue.com.

Kurt Hummel is a high school graduate from Ohio whose only real work experience is being a barista for three months. So suddenly he decides to move to New York and just wants an internship at Vogue.com. Easy peasy, right? WRONG. For all Conde Nast internships, you have to apply through their internship program application about three months in advance. SO if Kurt wanted an internship there, he would have had to apply back in April or May. ALSO, the most important thing, to be an intern at Conde Nast YOU HAVE TO GET COLLEGE CREDIT. And since Kurt isn't going to college, he definitely shouldn't be able to intern.

But let's pretend he applied the right way. In his interview, Isabelle Wright, senior editor of Vogue.com played by Sarah Jessica Parker, tells Kurt she LOVED his online resume, especially his gallery of photos of him wearing trendy outfits. Ohhhh okay. So that's why I haven't gotten an internship at Vogue. I keep sending them my resume and writing samples instead of my Outfit of the Day Instagram photos. Why didn't they teach me that in school??

Also during his interview, Carrie Bradshaw asks him what he sees himself doing in four years. His reply is that he wants to be going to NYADA and working at Vogue.com part-time. LOL. You don't work for Anna Wintour*part-time. You give her all of your time and pretend that you don't mind working from 9 a.m. to midnight because you're working at VOGUE, the holy grail of fashion magazines.

I get that Glee is trying to portray SJP as a nice editor, but I don't think any editor, no matter how nice, would let an intern sit in on a meeting on one of their first days. AND if they did, Kurt, you wouldn't have your phone on the table during the meeting! However, props for not answering it when Blaine called, I guess.

I feel like there needs to be a real portrayal of the magazine industry on TV. In movies like The Devil Wears Prada and How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days, the magazines look fun and/or glamorous, but they don't show exactly how hard is to break into. And Glee just made things 1000 times worse. Kurt didn't have to check his email every five seconds waiting to hear back about an interview. We didn't see him sending follow-up email after follow-up email about a job he applied for and really wants (but probably isn't getting if they aren't answering the follow-up). He just walked into his interview and was hired on the spot because he can pull off a hippo brooch.

*Anna Wintour, since I know you probably check Crushable.com every day, if you're reading this, please fire Kurt and hire me instead.

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